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Emerald is a gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl. Very few emeralds are mined in the United States.We have collections from all over the world from South America to Asia,AFRICA..ETC The 75.47-carat Hooker Emerald was worn by Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire. ... Emerald’s lush green has soothed souls and excited imaginations since antiquity. ... Rome’s Pliny the Elder described emerald in his Natural History,..Emerald is Naturally Beautiful..Get yours while Stock Last..!!

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Prices Varies from 0.78ct to 10CT IF – Internally flawless LC – Loupe clean meaning that there are no flaws in the surface or internally VVS 1 & 2 – Very, very small inclusion one and two has minute inclusions that are absolutely invisible to the naked eye and only through careful inspection with a microscope are revealed. VS 1 & 2 – Very small inclusion one and two may show tiny inclusions that are difficult to locate and are only visible to a trained eye looking through a 10x loupe. S 1 & 2 – Small inclusions one and two are flaws that are easily identified through a 10x loupe. I1 & P1 – Lightly spotted are diamonds with inclusions that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. I2 & P2 – Spotted (no definition provided) I3 & P3 – Very spotted (no definition provided)